Four Young Men Push An Elderly Woman In Broken Scooter In Pouring Rain

Four young, kind men helped and pushed an elderly woman’s mobile scooter in the middle of the rain. It was an unfortunate day for this woman as her mobile scooter malfunctioned on her way home. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! These kind gentlemen stepped in out of the blue to save the day!

men push elderly woman

Katty Castro, a PR representative at Florida Living Independent Community, captured a snapshot of this heroic moment. Three of the men pushed the mobile scooter while the fourth held an umbrella to ensure that she remained dry. It was not an easy ordeal, due to the combined weight of the mobile scooter, the elderly woman, and her grocery bags. In addition, they needed to push her up a steep slope on the way to her house.


John Morgan Massa said in one of his interviews, “We were tired, dirty, and wanted to get back to the hotel; but, we knew without a doubt that regardless of our long day, it certainly wasn’t worse than the day this lady was having. She literally had a plastic bag on her head to keep her hair dry. We knew we couldn’t leave her in the rain, in the middle of the road, frantically trying to get her scooter to work again.”


This selfless act is a breath of fresh air during these challenging times. Massa and his friends chose to prioritize someone’s welfare over their own. They sacrificed their comfort to ensure that this elderly woman would be home safe and dry. May we proactively find ways to make things better for others who are in difficult situations.


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