Military Dad Flies 17 Hours to Surprise Son at High School Graduation

A U.S. Navy father flew 17 hours from his post in the South China Sea to surprise his son at his high school graduation.

military dad surprises son at graduation

This story reminds us of the sacrifices made by military families. Their reunions always bring tears to our eyes.

David Randy Castillo, a recent graduate of Brackenridge High School, had no idea that his father, David Castillo, had made the long journey to be there for his special day. The emotional reunion was captured on video by the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) and shared on social media, quickly touching the hearts of many.

In the video, David Randy is asked who is there to celebrate his graduation. He replies, “My family is coming right now, but my aunt and brother are here.” When asked about his dad, he responds, “Sadly, he is not here. Sadly, he is in the Navy, overseas.” Then he is asked to look behind him. There, he sees his father, and they share a long, emotional hug.

David Castillo expressed his dedication to his son, saying, “I’m here to surprise my son, to be a part of something for his first steps in life. I just wanted to be here to support my son.” His journey from the South China Sea to San Antonio, Texas, shows a father’s love and commitment.

Many internet users were moved by this emotional surprise. One user wrote, “Brought to tears of joy! Congrats to the grad. And thanks to his Dad for his service from the family of an active military family.” Another said, “A real man stepping up and embracing the role he’s been privileged to have. Here’s to you, dad.”

“I’m beyond happy right now,” David Randy expressed his joy.

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