Mom Gets Birthday Surprise From Son She Gave Up For Adoption 18-Years-Ago

After nearly two decades of waiting and wondering, this mom just got the surprise of a lifetime, right on her birthday, when her daughter’s secret present turned out to be the son she had to give up for adoption, 18 years earlier. For almost any mother, the idea of giving up their child is an unimaginable thought, but for Tammy Oswalt, from Orlando, Florida, it was an inevitable reality she was forced to face. An already-single-mother to two young girls and on the brink of homelessness, Tammy wanted more for her soon-to-be third child. In an attempt to provide him with the stable home and loving family that she at the time could not, Tammy came to the painstaking decision to register her baby for adoption. And this reunion will bring you to tears.

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