Father Falls Over When Military Daughter Surprises Him at Church

A heartwarming video of a father dancing in front of the church receiving the shock of his life on seeing his homecoming military daughter dancing alongside him is making the netizens go wild.

Jerome Mondy was dancing with all abandon in front of his church last month, along with other members of Divine Faith Ministries in Jonesboro.

He did not immediately notice the young woman in military garb dancing along him to his right.

After a few seconds, he looked at her and recognized she was his daughter, who he hadn’t seen in two years.

Navy Petty Officer Jadiah Mondy, was stationed in Japan, she was able to come home from leave a week early and surprise him.

Jerome Mondy’s son shared a video of the wonderful reunion on social media, you can see how Mondy falls to the ground, but manages to get up and hug his daughter.

Now that Jadiah is home for a month, hope they spend a lot of time with each other and catch up on all the lost time.