Virtual Choir Of 800 Musicians From 55 Countries Perform ‘Nearer, My God, To Thee’

With churches and sanctuaries closed in most parts of the country and world, 800 musicians from 55 countries came together for a stunning virtual choir of ‘Nearer, my God, to thee.’

BYU nearer my god to thee virtual choir

Nearer, my God, to thee
Nearer to thee!
E’en though it be a cross
That raiseth me.

BYU Vocal Point or Brigham Young University’s 9-man a cappella ensemble along with the musicians are enthralling us today with their spectacular performance.

There let the way appear,
Steps unto heav’n;
All that thou sendest me,
In mercy giv’n;

It’s such a blessing to see these Christian brothers and sisters come together to sing and play music unto the Lord and worship His holy name.

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Mary McGee

Beautiful music and song that reaches the heart of God! We need more of this in such a time as this. God bless the musician and singer ! This is so powerful !We need to draw closer to JESUS! JESUS IS THE ANSWER’!

Joseph Walter Menezes

Wow it is so Amazing to see such a huge choir.. Truely We need this kind of praise and glory to sing to the heavenly kingdom, Jesus you’re the name above all names Alleluia

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