Highest Paid NFL Center Listens To God And Leaves Career To Help Feed Needy

Taking leaps of faith will never be easy but if God gives you a plan then you got to trust it and it will work out well for you and your family. Just like it did for Ex NFL Jason Brown and his wife and children.

Jason Brown

Jason Brown was living the dream life and had it all, he became the highest paid center in NFL history after signing a $37.5 million dollar contract but somehow he felt he was meant to do something else in life.

With immense success in sport came the luxury lifestyle with it and all the perks along, but that did not satisfy Jason Brown as he says that he felt lonely at the top of the mountain.

Very often sports stars and celebrities buy into the idea that money can buy them everything in life including happiness but that is wrong and in the end, they end up gaining the whole world and losing their soul, just like King Solomon in the Bible did at the height of his success and riches.

The turning point came when Jason marked his 27th birthday, he was reminded of his brother who was slain in the line of duty while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. He said. “I wasn’t happy about what I saw in the mirror because 27 was the same age that Lunsford (his brother) was slain in service,” Brown said.

He continues to say, “I began to measure up my life and everything I had accomplished over 27 years in contrast to Lunsford’s life. There was no comparison. He had lived a life of service, while I was living a life of selfishness and entertainment.”

The devout Christian knew that he wasn’t living a life of service that Jesus wants every son and daughter of His to live and here he was just living a materialistic life. “The kicker was when I looked in the mirror…and I saw his reflection looking right back at me, and he asked, ‘what are you doing with your life Jason that’s so great? “What are you doing with your life that’s so special?’”

Jason said that at that moment he couldn’t answer and he felt in a long time his heart was wide open. He said, “All of those seeds from my youth that had fallen on rocky soil – about love and loving thy neighbor and being selfless. All of a sudden they began to take root and germinate.”

He said that he asked Jesus what He wanted him to do in life and he heard Him say, “Feed my people.” And that’s what Jason Brown and his family have been doing ever since. They bought a farm and although Jason had no idea what working on a farm was, but he moved in faith and gave it a try and today doesn’t regret his decision.

Jason Brown said, “God was preparing me for something greater, but I had no idea what it was,” he said. His wife Tay, too agreed saying that it was difficult for her and the kids when Jason told them about his future plans because that meant leaving a luxurious 12,500 square feet house and moving into an uncertain world. But that’s when she leaned on her faith in God and felt at peace with his decision.

Brown was feeling immense pressure the night before he could inform everybody about his decision of leaving the NFL and says that people reacted in shock with some even saying it was “the biggest mistake of his life” and calling him “stupid” but Jason turned a blind eye to them and decided to follow God’s voice and leading and quit the NFL to become a farmer.


People look at the outward things but God looks at the heart of a person and with all the criticism Jason Brown faced as an NFL center with a contract of $37.5 million in 2009 who left sports in his prime in 2012, to buy a farm with his wife, he pleased God with his decision.

With absolutely no knowledge of farming, Jason decided to teach himself how to operate the farm by watching YouTube videos, and now First Fruits Farm is doing extremely well and donates all its crops to families in need. How amazing it is to see this family give up all the good things in life to live a life of sacrifice.

May we all be inspired today to examine ourselves and see whether we are living a life worthy of being a follower of Christ or are just following what the world does.


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