Police Officer Helps Elderly Woman After Her Car Broke Down

If pictures could heal hearts then this photograph of an Alcoa police officer hugging an elderly woman after her car broke down would be the medicine all of us need today.


The picture has been shared more than 1,000 times was taken after Elaine Kant’s car broke down on Monday at a busy intersection.

“This man came in was calm what was going on and he was able to solve the problem by protecting us,” said Kant.

The officer with the Alcoa Police Department took her information and then helped her across the street to a shaded area, got her some water, and called AAA.

“We said he was such a positive person that we would pray for him that he would be safe to because I think policeman are the enemies now,” said Kant.

The picture was taken by a stranger and shared it on facebook saying the sight brought her to tears. Sherry Hicks said the officer’s act of kindness moved her to tears.


“For the kindness of the officer, when the elderly woman took his hand and he took hers it meant the world to me,” Hicks said. She also added that, with many family members part of various local law enforcement agencies, this hit home.

Alcoa Police Chief David Carswell says the community’s response has blown him away after it was shared thousands of times.

“We work traffic accidents every day, we help people every day. And I guess given the things that are going on nationwide, this was just a snapshot of a moment in time where one person is helping another person,” said Carswell.

The officer is Patrol Officer Michael Westfield who has served Alcoa for more than a decade.

“He’s very humble and soft spoken. He’s a giant of a man, but his heart is just as gentle as can be,” said Carswell.

His act of kindness shows a completely different side of the police. “The things that have happened have shed a negative light and tarnished the image of the badge.. you’ve got to get into this job for the right reasons,” said Carswell.

He’s proud of the people on his force and the willingness of their town to show support. We are proud of what officer Westfield has done to reinforce people’s belief’s in the police amid all the backlash that they have been receiving.


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