Police Officer Surprises Colleague With A Kidney

Police Officers Stanley Barsch and Megan Ambrose first met at the Police Academy in 2007, and have remained very good friends, but little did Meghan know that one day she would end up donating her kidney to Barsch.

Barsch and Megan were partners at the Montgomery Police Department and their friendship blossomed there. He was later diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease and was busy quietly dealing with it.

But when both if his kidneys grew to be the size of footballs at 15-20 pounds each, he knew it was a serious situation for him and started looking out for kidney donors.

His friend Megan went for tests to see if she could donate hers, and reports showed that she was a 100 percent match as a kidney donor. So she sent him a surprise letter telling him that as he was always there for her, on the job and off, he could have her kidney.

The video of the moment when she gave him the letter has gone viral, just watch that amazing moment here.

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