Dancing Traffic Flagger Spreads Joy In Fire-Ravaged Town

A Paradise traffic-control flagger has become a social media sensation because of his dance moves.

“All the folks that smile and wave, I try to remember everybody’s face,” said Marcus Mitchiner, Total Traffic Control employee.

He says he loves his job and there is nothing else he would rather do than bring a smile on the faces of the people in Paradise.

And that is exactly what he is doing.

He said, “I dance, do little Fortnite dances for the kids.”


Colby Gomes is one of the kids in Paradise who are dancing like Marcus.

“Sometimes he’s just like… (does the dance move),” said Gomes.

Mitchiner is the traffic-control flagger every family sees during rebuild after the devastating Camp Fire.

“You go home and you talk about it with the family. You see that guy? And the kids talk about oh we love him!” said D.J. Gomes.

Wendy Gimes said, “Without fail, we know we’re going to see Marcus and he’s going to put a smile on everybody’s faces. It makes a huge difference.”

“That surprised me a little bit…that there were so many likes. I guess people are just looking for the positive,” said Wendy.

Mitchiner with his dance moves is helping to uplift the sagging spirits of the residents of Paradise.

During this time of rebuilding Paradise, Total Traffic Control says their employees be there for a few months more to clear debris.

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