Pastor Explaining 4 Kinds Of Christmas Is Truly An Eye Opener

Do you know the Good News of great joy to all the people?Are you rejoicing in Christ’s birth or in something else? Right time to verify the focus of  the season’s celebrations!

Pastor and writer Glen Scrivener knows that Christmas can bring out the best and worst in the people. Through this video he is trying to explain the types of Christmas people are into and how far are we from the “True Christmas” to get align ourselves to the Truth!

The first type is the Scrooge , the person who sees nothing but darkness and foolishness. The second is the shopper who is focused on gifts alone and end up in debt for all the wrong reasons. The third type is the most popular superficial figure, the Christmas Santa. This is the person who is caught up for the season for parties, the ugly sweaters and expecting that things and events will make them merry!

But the last and the best Christmas is the fourth one as it shows the real essence of Christmas in all its realty! It brings up such great images of our Savior! A King Child born to die for our sins and redeem us from the clutches of hell! Get your focus to the manger, manger with Child alone and carry Him into your heart and place Him in the midst of your celebrations!

Thank you pastor for sharing such a meaningful insight! God Bless you and your ministry abundantly!

Brighten Your Day :)

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