Dog Rescued by Good Samaritans on Busy Los Angeles Freeway

A heartwarming rescue of a dog on a busy Los Angeles freeway captured on video has touched the hearts of many.


The video showed the dog running along the freeway amidst the speeding traffic, seemingly lost. One of the kind-hearted people who stopped to help the lost and injured pup was nurse Amber Streid.

Earlier in the video, a truck had pulled over and the driver had opened the doors but the dog would not climb in. However, when Streid did, the dog hopped right in, as if it has been waiting for her this whole time.

“For some reason, he just went right in,” Streid said.

“A couple in a truck started clapping, and some guy in a white van started clapping. Everybody was just happy that someone was able to get the dog,” she added. Streid noticed the dog’s paws were injured as she examined it. “She went right to my feet and got blood all over me,” Streid explained.

The dog was then taken to a veterinarian, who examined the injuries and scanned the dog for a microchip. Unfortunately, no identification was discovered, and as of now, the pup’s background remains unclear.

Streid is hopeful that the lost pup will soon be reunited with his owner, but she is happy to help care for the dog until then.