Scott Baio Faces Backlash for Leaving California, Yet Remains Unshaken in his Decision

Famed actor Scott Baio took to Twitter in early May, announcing a profound shift in his life trajectory. Well known for his role in the hit TV show Joanie Loves Chachi, Scott detailed his decision to pack up his family and leave California after 45 years. He posted, “After 45 years, I’m making my way to finally, ‘exit stage right’ from California.” His announcement was met with a storm of reactions, many of them less than kind.

scott baio leaving california

Responders filled his Twitter thread with criticism and mockery, focusing on his reduced presence in the acting world over the past two decades. “With your lack of work over the last 20+ years – are you one of the homeless?” one person snidely commented. Another chimed in, “You exited from relevancy about 30 years ago, who cares?” While these uncharitable comments may have stung, Scott remained focused on his decision and the reasons behind it.

In a follow-up interview on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo, Scott shed light on the reasons that fueled his departure from California. His desire for safety for himself and his family topped the list. He stated, “The big thing, Maria, was for me, above all else, safety is the issue. If you don’t feel safe, it’s not worth living in the town that you’re in. And we didn’t feel safe.”

Indeed, Scott and his family have now found their haven in Florida, a state he fondly compared to America in the 1970s. “I found that in all the best possible ways that Florida is pretty much what, what America was like 50 years ago,” he reflected. “It’s just people hanging out, everything’s wide open. It’s free. The people that I meet are all just nice.”

His wife, Renee, shared her sentiments on their departure from California, tweeting, “Goodbye California! We will visit our dear friends and family soon.”


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God bless you and yours Scott, find a way to serve in your community. God made it possible for you to have what you have .

Paula Cassell
Paula Cassell

Good for you, Scott! Family should always come first. I could not live in CA, our little cozy town is safe, not much crime at all, and if it weren’t safe, I’d definitely leave, my family is my life and nothing else should matter. Prayers for your family to enjoy your new home and stay safe!