Shaquille O’Neal Credits His Mother For Making Him a Better Human

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal credits his mother, Dr. Lucille O’Neal, for his generous spirit.

Shaquille O’Neal about mother

Shaq, known for his dominance in basketball, has won hearts with his kindness off the court. His remarkable achievements in basketball include numerous points, rebounds, and NBA titles. But it’s his actions after his playing days that continue to impress fans.

In an interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show, Shaq shared the source of his generosity. He attributes his energy and drive to his mother’s example. He recalls his mother’s hard work and resilience during his childhood. Her daily routine left a lasting impression on him.

Shaq explained, “My definition of being rich is different. My definition of being rich is growing up, watching a woman wake up, make our breakfast, iron our clothes, work all day, wear the same gear she wore, not yesterday, but the day before, mix it up, come home, cook our dinner and never complain.”

Shaq strives to live up to his mother’s example. His acts of kindness reflect his commitment to her values. He buys gifts for others and generally lives a life of giving. Shaq aims to do everything correctly to honor his mother.

Shaq’s story highlights the impact of a good parenting. His actions, inspired by his mother, make him a role model beyond sports.


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  1. I have been a fan of him since he was a teen, attending high school at the school at Ft Sam, here in San Antonio, where his father, a career NCO was assigned in the Army. He went straight from high school into the pros, but still managed to eventually finish college and even graduate school. His values might come from his mother, but also from growing up an Army brat, and he never lost his grounding as a good human. If I have any idols as professional athletes, that would have to be Shaq.

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