Military Mom Sneaks Into Photo And Surprises Family At Harlem Globetrotters Game

The Harlem Globetrotters have again pulled off an amazing act of kindness when they recently helped a military mom reunite with her unsuspecting family ahead of their game. Sergeant Deandrea Proctor was deployed in Kuwait for the last seven months with the United States Air Force before she returned home to Memphis, Tennessee, for an emotional reunion.


The basketball team has captured the reunion in a video, and has since shared it with their fans on social media all over the country. “I am very joyful and appreciative for the opportunity the Harlem Globetrotters provided to make this surprise so special,” Proctor said. “All of the players and staff were great helping make this something that we will never forget.” She added, “My family was truly shocked and we continue to receive positive calls and messages about the video,” she said.

Just before the game, Proctor’s boyfriend and 3-year-old daughter were called down to the court for a chance to meet and take photos with several of the athletes. The team gathered around the duo, preventing Proctor’s boyfriend and child from seeing her sneak onto the court and slide into the shot beside one of the athletes.


The team then managed to keep her hidden behind them and then one of the staffs walked up to Proctor’s boyfriend and daughter and asked them to look at the picture. The pair were confused when they saw Proctor standing in the frame. “Who’s that?” the staff member asked, to which her baffled daughter said, “Mommy?” but still couldn’t reason how Proctor was in the frame and kept searching for her mother.

Finally, the Globetrotters moved aside to reveal Proctor in her uniform, the crowd erupted in cheers and her boyfriend and daughter were shocked to see her standing in the arena. Her little daughter couldn’t stop herself anymore and jumped out of Proctor’s boyfriend’s arms and straight into her mother’s. Her boyfriend soon joined them, for a bear hug with the Sgt. struggling to hold back tears.

Watch: Military Mom Surprises 3-Year-Old Daughter At Harlem Globetrotters Game

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As the family was having an emotional reunion, the Globetrotters and the crowd gave them a standing ovation, applauding the trio. The Harlem Globetrotters are currently on their “Pushing the Limits” World Tour, where “fans will experience even bigger moments and memories,” according to their website. The team will stop over 200 times across North America and 30 countries around the world in 2020.