Soldier Surprises Family With Emotional Reunion After Long Deployment

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It was the best time for a military family when their dad returned home to Shelby after being on deployment in Kuwait for 313 days. His two kids were the most excited to meet dad after a long separation.

Five year old Madison and 2-year-old John Logan Jr were eagerly waiting for their father SPC John Logan who is with the 300th chemical company out of West Virginia, while his live in Cleveland County.

The video posted by his wife Marissa Prince shows their excitement on being surprised by him. She says, “We’re so excited he’s home.” The kids met him at the airport, with a sign which said it all:they were holding said it all: “Our Daddy has to go and fight but now he’s back to hold us tight.”

We hope this loving family has the best time of their life during Christmas and make up for all the time lost.

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