Little Girl In Tears Stood Alone Watching Other Cheerleaders Performing With Dads, Gets a Surprise From a Stranger!

Addie Rodriquez, 9-year-old was one of the cheerleaders in a football game. But when the time came for everyone to be lifted up by their dads, Addie’s dad was not there to lift her up. Abel Rodriguez, Addie’s dad is a senior Airman who had to go a couple of days prior for training in Travis Air Force Base, California. The little girl moved to tears watching other girls cheering with their dads. But a stranger was watching her from the stands. Matthew Garcia, a senior high school student wanted to do something for the heartbroken girl. He ran down the bleachers and jumped the fence, rushed to her rescue. After talking to her for a moment to make sure it was okay, Matthew lifted her up on his shoulders and proudly played the stand-in for her dad.

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