Woman Carries Injured 55 Pound Dog Down Mountain For 6 Hours

An ordinary hike turned out to be an incredible experience for a woman, who saved the life of a dog she found, by carrying him down the mountain.


Tia and her 76-year old father had been hiking for three hours and made it to the top of the mountain.

But while climbing down, they found an injured dog whose owners were not to be seen.

“He was pretty beat up,” Tia said. “He couldn’t walk.”

She knew the dog wasn’t physically strong enough to climb down the mountain, so she carried the 55-pound Springer Spaniel on her shoulders, and descended down the mountain.

It took her 6.5 hours to complete the 6-mile trek.

“We had to hike through snow, we lost the trail at one point,” explains Tia. “It was one of the hardest things that I have done in my life.”

Her father took a picture of her lying down for a break with the dog sitting on her.

The weight of the dog and the difficult trek was breaking her, Tia explains that she had to turn to prayer to make it through the rest of the hike.

“I got underneath him to pick him up to go again, and again felt the tears coming. I said a little prayer at that point, because the weight was hurting my neck, I had a really bad headache, my legs just felt like they were going to crumble at any moment,” Tia shares.

Tia says that as she said a prayer, she felt the weight lifting off of her shoulders and thought that some lost hiker was behind her helping her, she even turned around five or six times, to see if there was someone, but nobody was there. She understood then that it was divine intervention that was helping her.

As she reached the bottom of the mountain, she saw a note about the lost dog, whose name was Boomer.

She called the owners, Tia found out that they had unleashed Boomer while they were hiking, and he had run onto a snow-covered crevasse and slipped off.

He had fallen from a one-hundred-foot cliff, but only injured his front paw, his upcoming surgery would help him use that paw again.

Tia was about to experience another miracle, when Boomer’s owners were moving to Arizona, and wanted to give him to somebody.

“It pulled at my heartstrings all night long. When I woke up the next day, my first thought was ‘That dog’s supposed to me mine,’” explains Tia.

So she messaged them and told them how much she had bonded with Boomer on the mountain and would really like to keep him.

The owners agreed, and now Tia and Boomer are together forever.

Not only did she rescue his life, but now she is nursing him back to life. What an incredible story.

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