A Veteran’s Family Couldn’t Attend His Funeral, So Thousands Of Strangers Showed Up

When the family of a Korean War Vet could not attend his funeral, thousands of strangers packed his funeral.


Hezekiah Perkins prepared for the funeral for more than 20 years, he had prepaid for the ceremony and the burial, the funeral home said on its Facebook page.

However on the day of the funeral, Perkins’ relatives couldn’t travel to Cincinnati, Ohio, because of health issues.

So, Spring Grove Funeral Home asked the community to come and attend the funeral of the man who fought in the Korean War in the 1950’s.

“We had no idea what the response was going to be,” said the funeral home’s Director of Operations Skip Phelps.

Hezekiah Perkins -funeral

On the day of the funeral, thousands of people turned up to pay their respects.

Phelps said people drove hundreds of miles to be there, including a couple from Mississippi.

There were soldiers from Fort Knox to perform a flag ceremony.

The staff were pallbearers and the funeral director, Lynay Straughn, received the flag on behalf of the family.

Phelps said, Perkins got a full military processional with hundreds of cars led by motorcycles, a bugle player playing TAPS, bagpipers playing “Amazing Grace,” and veterans in full military uniforms.

veterans-funeral-Hezekiah Perkins

Perkins’ daughter was able to Facetime to see the service.

Phelps said that people were coming there even two hours after the service to pay tribute to him.

“It was truly amazing,” Phelps said. “Cincinnati came out and showed their respect for their veterans.”

Spring Grove thanked members of the community for turning up and making it count.

“We are humbled by the turnout and so very proud of our Spring Grove Family and especially our community. Thank you to everyone who helped share this story on Facebook and in the media,” the statement said.

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