Two Students Help Feed Disabled Classmate In Heartwarming Video

Very often we hear awful stories of bullying where the bullies really go the extremes, but when students put their differences apart and show kindness and compassion among themselves, it fills us with hope for our younger generations.

Compassion, learn it, teach it………….

Posted by Positivity, Love and all things Good on Sunday, June 2, 2019

A couple of students from Mouaque Resettlement Elementary School in the Philippines are showing kindness to a special needs boy.  The boy, Hans, has cerebral palsy and has to be assisted in everything, but his classmates Yuan and Karl instead of making fun of him have chosen to help him instead.

They treat him with respect and compassion every day, and a video of them helping Hans has gone viral with nearly 2 million views.

The students’ special education teacher Christine Lopez said that when classes started on June 3, she asked Yuan and Karl to help out Hans when he had to write or eat his food. Without any complaints, they started helping Hans and continue to help him without her telling them to.

The video shared on Facebook shows the boys sharing chips and even adjusting a fan for him. “That day, they did it even if I have not told them to do so yet,” Lopez said, “That’s why I felt so happy.”

“Thank you teacher Tin and classmates,” the boy’s mom, Jocelyn Erlasan, said “Now I know why Hans loves going to school every day.”

This story is such a beacon of hope and kindness shown by these two young boys towards a special needs boy. How wonderful it would be if all our students here would have the same compassion and love like these two have.

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