Two High School Students Save Teacher’s Life After He Was Medically Gone

Two students saved their teacher’s life when he had a sudden cardiac arrest during a basketball game.

students save teacher

The teacher, Alfred Kattola, said, “Medically, I was gone.”

Isreal DuBose and Correy Coleman, juniors at Oak Park High School, quickly responded when they saw their teacher Alfred Kattola collapse. They had learned CPR in a health class recently. “We’re sitting in the bleachers…I just knew I had to do something,” DuBose explained.

He started chest compressions immediately. Coleman quickly joined in and used an automated external defibrillator (AED), which helped keep Kattola alive until paramedics arrived.

After receiving urgent medical care, Kattola was able to return to school the next week.  “Medically, I was gone,” Kattola said.

He was very thankful for his students’ quick action. “I don’t have too much to say other than I love you guys,” he told them when they reunited.

Angie Shaw, their CPR instructor, praised DuBose and Coleman. “I feel so proud that they not only learned the skill, they felt confident in the skill to perform it in an emergency situation,” she said.

DuBose and Coleman are interested in medical careers, and Kattola supports their goals. He plans to help them find funding for college. “You’ve always been strong minded… Keep that confidence and don’t let anybody question you,” he encouraged them.

This incident highlights the critical role of CPR training in schools and its real-world application, proving that these skills can truly make a difference in emergency situations.

In this story, we see how God prepares us to act in critical moments. It teaches us that God equips us with skills and courage to help others. We should appreciate His protection and the opportunities He gives us to show His love in action.

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