Man Bursts Into Tears Seeing His Wife’s Special Surprise

Steven Winfree has been going through continuous dialysis to help him survive. He has kidney failure and urgently needs a transplant. So when his wife Heather Winfree found she was a perfect match to donate her kidney to him, she decided to tell this good news to him in a special way. She made a baseball card, in which she added a picture of Steve to the stack and a note on the back.

“Steve’s had a lot on his plate. With his health issues, he’s been striking out a lot. He was not sure how he was going to wind up. His wife Heather thinks he is a great catch, so she’s decided to go to bat for him. Now, Steve will be a rookie recipient of a transplant.”

Steven broke down in tears seeing the word transplant and his priceless reaction will melt your heart.

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