Tasha Cobbs Leonard And Jennifer Hudson Duet To ‘Amazing Grace’

Tasha Cobbs Leonard and Jennifer Hudson perform an impromptu duet of ‘Amazing Grace’ on the Jennifer Hudson Show.


The singer was invited to the show to talk about her new album, ‘Hymns (Live)’ which contains a list of hymns that she grew up listening to and hopes to illuminate the heart of the songs through new melodies and beats and re-present it to the current generation.

“My vow to [God] is to go around the world being me, the authentic me, and representing him.” It was never for the platform,” Tasha explains how she began to sang publicly only when she was 15 and never thought she would be this successful.

“I literally just had a heart to love on God and watch other people love on him. Those are the hearts that he uses.”

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