Cops Dramatically Rescues Suicidal Woman Standing On Overpass

When a desperate woman climbed onto a concrete overpass in Fort Worth, Texas, two hero police officers dramatically stopped her from ending her life. Fort Worth police officers Justin Henry and Trae Cierzan handled this very intense, very delicate situation in the best way.

When the officers saw the woman, she was standing shakily on the concrete wall. As the two men approached her, she started screaming at them. The officers tried to calm her down by gently talking with her.

“What’s your name?” Henry asked her several times, as he moved toward the suicidal woman.

“It doesn’t matter,” she hollered back in anguish. But Henry didn’t give up. “It does matter,” he told her. “It does matter.”

As the wind whipped around the heartbroken woman’s body, she made one last request.
“Someone take care of my dogs, OK?” she cried.

As Henry continued forward, Cierzan moved to her right side. The officers waited for the right moment to pull her away from the edge. During this time, the woman opened up about what was going through her mind during her darkest hour.

“Everybody wants me dead, so I’ll just die,” she blurted out.

“Nobody wants that,” Henry calmly replied.

Finally the officers could reach the woman, wrapped their arms around her and pulled her to safety. They took her to their police car, telling her that help was on the way.

“Whatever you’re going through is not worth it,” Henry said.

“We’re here for you,” Cierzan echoed.

The video went viral and so many people came forward to cheer this woman on and share a powerful reminder that suicide is never the answer.

“It definitely turned out the best way possible,” Cierzan said at a news conference.

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