4 Sisters Beautifully Sing ‘The Blood Covered It All’ At Church

Watch the Detty Sisters sing ‘The Blood Covered It All.’ A beautiful song that captures the essence of their faith and their love for Jesus. The sisters’ sweet voices and harmonies make the song even more special, and it’s easy to see how much they enjoy singing it.


The group of four sisters loves to sing and praise God. The oldest, Peyton, is 11 years old, followed by Cadie, 9, Lily 5, and the youngest, Sophia, 3.

The journey of the Detty Sisters began in their home church, where they started performing as a group. Their enthusiasm and love for Jesus quickly caught the attention of others, and soon they were booked for gigs months in advance.

Their first album, ‘In The Meantime,’ has been received with great appreciation by their listeners.

The song that started it all for the Detty Sisters was ‘Can’t Cross the Bloodline.’ It was the first song that Peyton and Cadie learned to sing by heart, at the ages of 4 and 2, respectively.

Their mother, Amber, had the song on repeat in the car, and soon the girls had memorized every word. The sisters learned about the love of God and the sacrifice of Jesus, through the song.

The group of sisters makes music as a way for them to share their faith with others and sings as a way of expressing their love for Jesus and hope to inspire others who might not have heard the gospel before and encourage them to seek Jesus and have a relationship with Him.