Beautiful Worship Cover Of ‘There Is None Like You’ By Lenny LeBlanc

Lenny LeBlanc, Don Moen and Rachel Robinson touch hearts with a beautiful rendition of ‘There Is None Like You’ recorded for “An Evening of Hope” Virtual Concert.

There Is None Like You cover Lenny LeBlanc

This song strengthens and uplifts us as we realize the overwhelming love of the Lord Jesus Christ, who willingly died on the cross for each of us.

The song was composed by Lenny LeBlanc and has a fascinating story behind it. He was a successful pop artist in the seventies but after he gave his life to Christ, he decided to break his contract with Capitol Records and become a praise and worship singer and composer.

There is none like You
No one else can touch
My heart like You do
I could search
For all eternity long and find
There is none like You

In the early 1990s, Integrity approached him about creating a worship CD. While writing songs specifically for this project, titled ‘Pure Heart,’ ‘There Is None Like You’ was born.

Your mercy flows like a river wide
And healing comes from Your hands
Suffering children are safe in Your arms
There is none like You

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize that there is none like God, no one can love us like Him because He sent His only Son to die for our sins.

Jeremiah 10:6 “There is none like You, O LORD. You are great, and Your name is mighty in power.”


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