Boy Without Arms Landing A Box Jump Will Inspire You

An inspiring video of a boy born without arms landing a box jump is incredibly moving.


The trainer shouts encouragement to 14-year-old Tim Bannon, born without arms: “Do it now. Jump up on that box now, Go!” Despite his best effort, he falls short of reaching the 20-inch platform. “On the box,” she yells. “Do it again.” He misses again but remains determined.

They are affiliated with NubAbility, an organization dedicated to coaching and inspiring young amputee athletes like Tim. The coaches, amputees themselves, are a source of inspiration. Coach Sabrina Reiswig, an amputee since the age of 8, shows no mercy towards Tim.


“All the people who told you ‘you can’t,'” Reiswig yelled. “Right here. Jump on it.” Eventually, Tim succeeds, leaping into Reiswig’s arms, overcome with emotion. The heartwarming moment, capturing over 4 million views on Twitter and 500,000 likes on Instagram, has touched many.

Watch Tim Bannon Landing A Box Jump

“‘Can’t’ is not a word in our camp,” says founder and coach Sam Kuhnert, also born without his left hand. “We have that outlawed to the point where if a kid says ‘can’t’ on my baseball field, they owe 50 push-ups, regardless of their physical condition. They have to figure it out.”

Swinging both arms towards the box typically facilitates box jumps. However, Tim must rely solely on momentum, which presents a unique challenge and risk. “We have those arms to protect us,” Kuhnert explained. Coaches are ready to catch him if needed, but each attempt poses a risk of injury.


Before the viral video, Tim had completed a perfect jump. However, Brad Vineyard, who lost his leg in 2012, observed Tim doubting himself. “He was pacing and visibly frustrated,” Vineyard recounted.

This culture of resilience defines NubAbility. “We’re not just a support group. We don’t just offer a helping hand; we teach kids how to stand up on their own,” he stated.

We honor the resilience of Tim and all at NubAbility. They inspire those who might otherwise take their abilities for granted.


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