9/11 Memorial ‘Tower of Voices’ Use Its Wind Chimes To Make Beautiful Tune

Every time there is a national tragedy, we stand united in diversity, for most it was the time when the country was under attack during 9/11 or for the time when JFK was assassinated.

The United Airlines Flight 93 is remembered for its 40 passengers and crew members, brave people who put others before themselves. There is a site in Pennsylvania where the plane went down and pays homage to those 40 brave lives.

Now, an addition to the site, has been set up and is to dedicated on Sept. 9, 2018, in time for the 17th anniversary of the day that flight hit the ground.

“Tower of Voices,” is designed by architect Paul Murdoch, who began working on this memorial in 2017. It will house 40 wind chimes, each one representing the 40 brave souls on Flight 93 that day.

The samples of the intended sound gives off haunting notes that is bound to give anyone the chills.

“Most importantly, when visitors walk away, I hope that they take with them a question,” Gordon Felt, brother of Flight 93 passenger Ed Felt, said, “If it was me, could I have done what they did?”
Our prayers and best wishes are with the family members of all those heroes who passed away, what they have done is outstanding.

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