Veteran with Disability Felt So Lonely, So He Posted a Heartfelt Ad

Lonely veteran with disability, Lyndon Dale Flowers, 63, just hoped for some company on Veteran’s Day. His simple request at a local barbershop in Lewiston, Maine, led to an unexpected wave of kindness and companionship.

veterans day dinner lyndon dale flowers

Lyndon, who served in the Navy for two decades, found himself longing for company after his divorce and as his children grew busy with their lives. His handwritten note at Judy and Heather’s Barbershop read, “Would someone like to take a local disabled veteran to dinner on Veteran’s Day? No car. My treat.” This small gesture caught the attention of Heather Swift, one of the shop owners, who then shared it on social media.

The response was heartwarming. Calls and well-wishes poured in from across the country, touching Lyndon deeply. “I’ve been getting calls from all across the country. Even people just wishing me well,” Lyndon expressed. His story resonated with many, including Sandy Washer and her family. Sandy, whose father served in the Army for 20 years, felt a personal connection to Lyndon’s situation.

Moved by his plight, Sandy and her family decided to act. They drove about 40 minutes to take him out to lunch, turning Lyndon’s simple request into an unforgettable encounter.

Lyndon’s humble request brought more than just a meal; it fostered a sense of community and care. “Warms my heart to hear that there’s people out there that care,” he said. The veteran’s story reminds us to reach out to those who may feel alone, especially those who have served our country.

This experience was not just a one-time event for Lyndon. The kindness he received has opened doors for more social interactions during the holidays, making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.Hebrews 13:16

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