Former Tone-Deaf Singer Gives Breathtaking Rendition Of ‘To God Be The Glory’

The judges and viewers on ‘The World’s Best’ talent competition were transported to Church when Vonnie Lopez, a former tone-deaf singer, moved them all with her song ‘To God Be The Glory.’

The show is a talent competition featuring contestants from all over the world in different genres. The acts audition for a panel of judges and a ‘wall’ of 50 experts in all areas of entertainment and if they score 75 or above, they move on to the next round.

Vonnie grew up in Louisiana as the daughter of a preacher and her entire family has music in their blood. But she felt that she wasn’t gifted with the talent of music and would pray for the ability to sing. She said, “I just started praying, every single day I would pray to God to be able to sing with my family.” It seemed that God had finally answered all her prayers when at the age of 14, her prayers were answered and she belted out a song at youth service with perfect pitch and then it was no looking back for her.

Her incredible performance of Andrae Couch’s “My Tribute (To God Be The Glory).” touched every soul in the studio and the judges also appreciated her talent. Wonder where this girl is going in this competition, can’t wait to see what she sings next.


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