Kind Neighbors Give Exhausted Dog A Lift On A Wagon

It’s not every day that you see someone concerned not only for other people’s needs but also, for a dog’s needs. This dog almost gave up walking and was unable to move, until a kind neighbor stepped in to lend a wagon.


The not-so-small dog was immovable. His legs have already given up, exhausted from a day’s walk. He was with his owner and refused to get up and walk toward home. Its fur parent gently poked the dog. It only took 10 steps and stopped walking altogether. Guess this canine was just too exhausted after taking a walk longer than usual.

Seeing how desperate its owner was, Zena Rodriguez and her husband stepped in to help. They were taking down Halloween decorations when they saw the dog. Zena asked her husband to lend the wagon to them to relieve both the dog and its fur parent. “He was actually carrying the dog at first. I thought it was an escaped dog and he went after it to catch it, things we do with our husky. Then I saw him put it down and the dog was not moving,” said Rodriguez in a Fox News interview.

The adorable dog was approximately 13-15 years old already. The pet parent was grateful for the kindness this couple showed. He was able to take this senior dog home hassle-free. The Rodriguez couple is particularly fond of animals, especially, older dogs.

This memorable encounter was posted by Rodriguez on TikTok recently. It already has more than 346,000 views. Seeing a dog on a wagon was just too cute to ignore in addition to the heartwarming story behind it.

Kindness is surely appreciated not only by people but also, by animals. However, pro-actively looking for ways to help and be a blessing is another story. It’s good to help but it’s better to always be on the lookout for opportunities to extend kindness to others.

Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give.” -Unknown


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