Walmart Worker Does Disabled Girl’s Nails After She Was Refused By Nail Salon

It was a heartwarming scene for onlookers, when a Walmart cashier in Burton, Michigan decided to do something special for a girl who was refused nail services at the nail salon next door.

Tasia Smith a worker at the Subway inside the Walmart witnessed the whole scene and wrote on her facebook about it.

She said that she saw a customer walk into nail salon “Da Vi nails” at the Walmart, in Burton, and they refused to give her services because she apparently ‘moved too much’.

Smith writes that she witnessed the kind Walmart worker-Ebony Harris who skipped her break to help the woman, bought nail polish and painted the girls nails. She said the customer who suffered from cerebral palsy did great, and did not move much.

Smith said she posted a photo of Harris doing the girl’s nails on Facebook because she wanted to get Harris all the recognition that she deserved.

Harris said she decided to help the girl, when she saw her being refused by the next door salon, and wanted to make her day special. Although she did move her hands and kept apologizing for it, Harris told her not to worry about it.

She hopes to spread awareness about people with disabilities and wants to inspire others to treat disabled people the same way they would want to be treated.

She also said that she wasn’t trying to put the nail salon down, or make them lose clients, but she wanted to make a point that no matter what color, race, disability, whatever, people are the same and should be treated alike. If someone with disability wants to look good, then she has the right to do so.

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