Walt Disney World Employee Helps Save Woman In Danger After Received A Call To ‘Buy Tickets’

A Walt Disney World employee came to the rescue of a young woman after noticing something was wrong when she called to buy tickets.


The Pennsylvania woman was facing assault and her life was in danger and so she called the ‘most magical place on earth’ for help.

The woman pretended to order tickets and was able to connect with an employee who recognized she was in danger and intervened.

The unnamed, Disney employee heard the woman yelling “get off me,” and “get away from me,” according to Northern York County regional police.

The theme park employee asked a series of three “yes” or “no” questions to help the woman reveal whether she needed rescue without risking further provocation.

The employee asked the Pennsylvania woman if the call was intended to book a vacation, to which the woman said, “no.”

The ticket booker then asked her if someone was hurting her; and if she should send law enforcement right away, to which she replied, “yes” to both questions.

The employee ensured police were sent to the woman’s address and they were able to stop the attack.

The woman later revealed that the incident happened due to an argument she and her boyfriend, Wayne Shiflett, were having.

Wayne was threatening to kill her, slapped her and grabbed her throat. He was arrested by the police and is facing charges of strangulation, threats, assault, and harassment.

The thoughtful Disney employee showed they had a heart to help the woman in danger rather than sell her a ticket.

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