Waving Grandmother Gets Memorable Send-Off From School Kids She Used To Wave At

A granny got the surprise of a lifetime from the schoolkids she had been waving to for over 11 years.

Tinney Davidson used to wave at kids on their way to school for the last 11 years, but sadly would be moving in a month’s time.

Davidson was aware something was up on Thursday afternoon but did not know for sure what it was.

She had been waving out every morning to kids on their way to school, since 2007, but as she was moving, students from Highland Secondary marched to her home after school carrying signs and homemade hearts to decorate her lawn. They blew her kisses and gave her a wave goodbye.

Davidson was touched by this gesture and was all smiles as the kids surrounded her and said it was beautiful.

The kids have surprised her before as well, when for Valentine’s Day, they made her cards and hearts and also invited her to the school and surprised her with an assembly.

Highland art teacher Charlotte Hood-Tanner befriended Davidson after hearing about her from students and was instrumental in organizing the surprise for her. She also adds that many students call Davidson their grandma and waved at her for years.

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