‘Speak My Mind’ Official Music Video By The Willis Clan Is Truly Inspiring

In this new Willis Clan video ‘Speak My Mind,’ you can see the siblings join up together again to write and perform their music.

They have dropped their latest album a year after their father’s prison sentence for child abuse.

This Tennessee family, popular because of their TLC television show “The Willis Family” and their numerous musical performances, are sharing the story of their healing after their father’s conviction, through music.

“We were just writing [the songs] for therapeutic reasons,” said Jeremiah Willis, 25. “And after enough of those songs have been written by various members of the band we realised, ‘This is good for us. I wonder if it can help other people.’”

Since many more victims of abuse are beginning to surface, the family wanted to share their experience and lyrics as a way of encouragement to others who are struggling to find healing.

The song ‘Speak My Mind’ has been composed by the eldest daughter, Jessica Willis, who has also opened up about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her own father.

She took time off from the family musical group and has been through a time of healing and recovery of her own.

The powerful lyrics she penned for victims of abuse is a voice for them who are still contemplating whether they should speak up against their abuser or not.

“This will probably stay locked away, And only come out on a rainy day, ‘Cause I will probably go, And never show, Every little thing I want you to know. If I speak my mind, Will you take the time, Will you try to find a way? If I take you there, will you say you care, Will you understand and say, There’s gotta be more courage I can find, to speak my mind”

The Willis Clan certainly need your prayers, as they continue to workout their move from this tragic time. We hoe this album will inspire and encourage other victims.

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