Woman Praises God During Brain Surgery Singing Her Own Song

A Brazilian woman kept awake during a risky brain surgery brought the doctors to tears by singing a song that she wrote herself. 45-year-old Maria Filomena da Costa was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor two years ago. It needed to be removed. But the location of the tumor made things complicated. Removing the mass without affecting Maria’s speech and cognition wouldn’t be easy.

So doctors decided to keep her awake through out the surgery. Brain surgery is scary enough, but this one was really terrifying. The medical team delayed the surgery until Maria was psychologically prepared for the procedure. Just before the operation, doctors used anesthesia to keep her“slightly sleepy,” but still in a conscious state.

The team planned to ask her questions about colors, names, etc. during the surgery to keep her awake. But Maria stunned everyone in the room by singing to her Lord and Savior, while they started removing the tumor! She not only provided the assurance for the doctors that her speech would be just fine, but also inspired the team in a powerful way.

The 8-hour surgery was successful, and within only 4 days, Maria left the hospital to her home. Now Maria is walking, talking and is on the way to a full recovery, Our God is really an awesome God. Who else wants to say a big amen?

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