Woman Stops Massive Moose Chasing Tiny Dog in Tracks With Her ‘Mom Voice’

Cathy Diehl-Robbins, an Alaska resident, recently showed the power of a mother’s “mom voice” in an unusual situation.

woman stops moose

Her small Yorkshire terrier was being chased by a large moose in her backyard. Cathy quickly used her strong “mom voice” to protect her pet. This voice is often heard when mothers need to stop trouble. It’s serious and warns everyone to listen.

The story was shared on YouTube. Cathy saw the moose chasing her 6-pound dog and shouted, “Hey, hey, hey, hey! No!” Her voice made the big moose stop. This shows how effective a mother’s voice can be.

Her husband also knows this voice well. He said it’s not just a “mom voice” but also a “husband voice.” This means it works in many situations, even with wild animals.

Cathy believes in her authority in her own yard. She said, “As I always say, ‘It’s my yard, my rules.’ You come into my yard, it’s my rules. Behave yourself.”

This event highlights the natural power and respect a mother’s voice commands. It can protect and control, no matter the size or kind of challenge.