World’s Oldest Living Land Animal Turns 191 Years Old

Jonathan the Tortoise, recognized as the oldest living animal on land, has remarkably turned 191 years old.

worlds oldest living animal jonathan the tortoise
Jonathan the tortoise: World’s oldest living animal

Born around 1832, Jonathan arrived on the island of St Helena in 1882. He is a Seychelles giant tortoise, a species known for its longevity, but he has far exceeded the average life expectancy of 150 years.

Despite being virtually blind and having lost his sense of smell, Jonathan’s health remains robust, a fact his vet, Joe Hollins, often marvels at.

“It is extraordinary to think that this gentle giant has outlived every other living creature on land, including, of course, the whole human race.” Joe Hollins said.

Jonathan’s remarkable life has witnessed the passage of history, from the Mines Act in 1842 to Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking work in 1859 and the abolition of slavery in 1865. He has seen the reigns of eight British monarchs, 40 US presidents, and 26 Manchester United managers.

In his relaxed daily routine, Jonathan enjoys soaking up the sun, sunbathing on mild days, and finding warmth on cold winter days by burying himself in leaf mould or grass clippings. He shares his home with three other giant tortoises: David and Emma, both around 55 years old, and Frederik, a 32-year-old male.

As Jonathan nears his third century, the world watches in awe, hoping he continues to enjoy his peaceful life filled with good health, delicious food, and companionship.