3 Sisters Sing Uplifting Cover Of ‘Yes He Can’

These sisters are a burst of sunshine as they enjoy singing the uplifting song, ‘Yes He can!’ The Hinge Point has made a cover of this song originally performed by the trio ‘Cain.’


It’s refreshing to see these young girls on YouTube encouraging their followers to trust God through their music. Their bio states that they began to love singing at a young age. They aim to make their listeners “feel His love for you through our music!”

Interestingly, this trio is consist of an identical twin and another sibling. They actually, looked like triplets. Their voices are beautiful, distinct, and their harmonies are a feast to the ears!

This song tries to answer our most common questions about life, and the answer to those is definitely ‘Yes He can!’

Sometimes I wonder, is He faithful?
Does He see me in my trouble?
Does He understand?
Sometimes I question if He’s able
Can He rescue, can He save me
Again and again?
But when I look back

Did He move every mountain?
Did He part every sea?
Yes, He did
So yes, He can, oh
Did He defeat the darkness?
Did He deliver me?
Yes, He did
So yes, He can
Whoa, yes, He did

If you are facing a seemingly insurmountable mountain, don’t think twice about coming to God. Don’t think that He can’t do anything about your situation because ‘Yes He can!’

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