Woman Goes To Heaven And God Sends Her Back To Share This Powerful Testimony

When this woman’s heart stopped working for 11 minutes, she says she had the most incredible experience in Heaven and was sent back to earth by God with a special message for everyone.


Charlotte Holmes visited Heaven and she says her life has never remained the same again. It all began in September 2019, when the Missouri native and her husband, Danny, went for a routine checkup to the cardiologist.

Charlotte has always had a problem with her blood pressure, and on that morning it measured an alarming 234/134 which made the cardiologist send her immediately to the hospital.

“I’ve always had trouble with my blood pressure, and I’ve been in the hospital two or three times before when they put me on IV medication to bring it down,” she said.

Charlotte Holmes went to heaven
Charlotte Holmes visit to heaven.

She remained in the hospital for the next three days, and things were going from bad to worse. “They had just given me a sponge bath in my bed, and they were putting a clean hospital gown on me when it happened,” Charlotte says. “I can’t remember anything about that moment, but Danny said I just fell over, and one of the nurses said, ‘Oh my gosh. She’s not breathing’.”

Medical staff rushed into the hospital room as the nurse asked for help, while her husband, Danny helplessly watched his wife’s lifeless eyes stare at the nurses as they started chest compressions.

Charlotte says she watched all what was happening from outside of her earthly body. “I came out above my body — I was looking down on everything,” she says. “I could see them working on me on the bed, I could see Danny standing in the corner.”

She says she smelled a beautiful scent and then saw flowers. “God took me to a place beyond anything I could ever have imagined,” she explained. “I opened my eyes, and I was in awe. There were waterfalls, creeks, hills, gorgeous scenery. And there was the most beautiful music, like angels singing and people singing with them, so soothing. The grass and trees and flowers were swaying in time with the music.”

Charlotte saw angels, golden gates and somebody special. “Standing there, smiling and waving at me, were my mom and dad and sister,” she says. She had lost her family members earlier in life and she saw them happy and healthy in heaven.

She was surprised to spot a toddler boy, and felt God telling her that he was the same baby that she had miscarried 40 years ago while 5 months pregnant. “Back then, they didn’t let you hold the baby or bury it when you miscarried that far along,” Charlotte explained. “They just held him up and said, ‘It’s a little boy.’ And that was all. It was over.”

Charlotte slipped into deep depression after her miscarriage and seeing her little boy smiling and waving to her from the gates of Heaven gave her so much happiness and healed her heart.

The gates were in front of her, but as Charlotte looked behind her, she saw Danny and their adult children. “They were crying, and it broke my heart,” Charlotte recalls. “We know that in heaven there is no sorrow, but I hadn’t walked through the gates. I wasn’t there yet.”

God gave her a choice, either she could stay in Heaven or go back to Earth. “But if you go back, you have to tell your story,” Charlotte says God told her. “You have to explain what you’ve seen and tell my message, and that message is that I’m coming soon for my church, my bride.”

Charlotte was dead for 11 minutes, and doctors and nurses were working tirelessly to revive her, but the moment Charlotte made the decision to come back, one of here eyes blinked and she returned. “I thought I wasn’t gonna bring you home,” Danny told her later.

Since that day when Charlotte went to Heaven and came back, she has been talking continuously about her experience. She has been a devout Christian, but now she is on fire after her firsthand experience of heaven.

Charlotte Holmes went to heaven and came back

After speaking to a local newspaper about her heavenly experience, her story has gone viral and she has been flooded with offers to speak and share her testimony in various places. “I just can’t keep from talking about it. And there’s so much more to the story. I don’t want people to think I’m crazy – well, I don’t care if they think I’m crazy. I know what the Lord showed me, and I can’t quit saying how wonderful and merciful God is,” she said.

She says that she has responded to all the offers telling them that she needs to pray about it. “I just feel that, if people contact me, I have to answer them back,” she says. “And I’m telling you, Danny and I have literally cried over some of them. We’ve prayed over them.”

Charlotte says she will go only where God wants her to go, and even as her family worries about her health with all the traveling she is doing, she says she is trusting her Heavenly Father with her health. “I’m not worried about anything. God has this. He will take it as far as he wants me to go,” she explains. “If it continues, hallelujah. If God wants me to keep sharing it, I’ll share it.”

But she says that she is anxious at times as “this country girl is a little overwhelmed.” She adds, “I’m just Charlotte, no one special,” she said. “I really can’t quite fathom how it’s all happened.”

Heaven is a real place just as any other place in the world. The Bible tells us that God lives in heaven and His throne is there, the angels are there, and the Lord Jesus Christ is in there as well. Philippians 3:20 says “our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.”


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