20-Year-Old Convenience Store Worker Makes An Autistic Boy’s Day

Every Sunday, 17 year old Jack Ryan Edwards and his family from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, visit the nearby convenience store and his sister says he loves cold drinks and coolers.

But it was different this time, because when Jack Ryan, who is autistic, his father and sister, visited the store, Jack Ryan asked the worker there for orange juice, and what happened there next, in the sister’s words was nothing short of a miracle.

The store worker, 20 year old Jordan Taylor was on duty there, and helped Jack Ryan with a bottle of orange juice, but he says, Jack kept standing next to him and would not go away. So he asked him if he would like to stock coolers in the shelf by himself, to which Jack said yes and started stacking them one by one neatly in the shelf under Jordan’s supervision.

Her dad captured it on video and showed it to her later, she says she could not stop watching the video and was focused on 20 year old Jordan, because he was acting with such kindness and affection and gave her brother an unforgettable experience.

When she met up with Taylor and his mother Teresa, they told her that it was the way Jordan has been brought up and showing kindness to others was in his nature. She further told her that she was extremely proud of her son for his kind behavior.

Jordan told her that when Jack Ryan asked him for orange juice, and was standing there watching him, he asked him if he wanted to help him and he says that made Jack Ryan very happy putting the juices up which in turn made him happy to just help make somebody happy and make somebody else’s day.

Wow, That is awesome! This is such Christ-like behavior to show the love of God to others. No wonder this video has gone viral.

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