Store Cashier Saves the Day for Struggling Mom and Toddler

In Cedar Grove, New Jersey, a Dollar Tree employee’s kind act towards a mother and her toddler has touched many hearts.

dollar tree cashier fatima leftwich

The mother, Mary-Ann Byrnes, faced a tough situation when her two-year-old had a meltdown at the checkout. She struggled to manage her daughter while trying to pay.

Cashier Fatima Leftwich saw Byrnes’ difficulty and stepped in to help. She held the toddler and let her help with scanning items. Byrnes shared, “She asked if it was cool for her to pick my daughter up and then helped her scan all of my items — and even some of the people’s items behind me.” This not only eased Byrnes’ stress but also calmed her child.

Byrnes was deeply moved by Leftwich’s kindness and her ability to soothe her daughter. She captured this moment and posted it on TikTok, where it quickly gained over 260,000 views. The video showed Leftwich engaging the child in the checkout process, praising her as a “fast learner.”

This story reminds us to love our neighbors as ourselves, as God instructs. Let’s show God’s love by caring for others in their times of need.

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