Gaither Vocal Band Performs Moving Rendition Of ‘Only Jesus’

The Gaither Band performed a live performance of “Only Jesus” at the Gaither studios. The song is from their latest album “Good Things Take Time” released in 2019.

Gaither Vocal Band is an American southern gospel music group, named after its founder Bill Gaither. The song reminds us that Jesus is the only one true God and the only answer to all our problems in life, because He alone shed His precious blood on the cross for us so that we can be transformed completely.

“So I’ll worship only at the feet of Jesus,
His cup alone, my holy grail,
There’ll be no other gods before Him,
Just Jesus only will never fail.”

Today, they are at Gaither Studios for a special live performance of ‘Only Jesus.’ Just listen as they belt out these words of praise.

“Just dessert dust and empty shadows,
All promises that turned to lies,
The gods offer fail and betray me,
You alone are truth and life.”

Romans 10:13, ‘Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.’ Jesus is our Savior not only during the good times, but even in the bad times, He is with us going through the situation with us.

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