Good Samaritans Rush To Save Blind Man Before Train Hits Him

A video of Good Samaritans saving the life of a blind man just before a train hits him, is getting thousands of social media views online.

The blind man was walking near the platform at the Red Line’s Medical Center metro station in Bethesda, Maryland, when he fell off the platform onto the tracks.

As the next train was about to arrive in less than 60 seconds, bystanders quickly rush to pull him to safety.

The video shows huge crowds of people gathering by the tracks to lift him off the tracks to safety, just before the train comes barreling down the tracks to stop at the platform.

It was a close call for the man but, thankfully, these Good Samaritans helped him just in time.

The blind man was then taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

This heartwarming video reinforces our belief in humanity and proves that this world still has some kind people in it.

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