Silly Ritual Between Two Friends Helps Save One’s Life

What started out as a silly ritual between two friends ended up saving one of their lives and led to an everlasting friendship.

Andy Gullahorn, of Nashville, goes for a walk and meets up with his friend, Gabe Scott, and then they give each other a high five and walk back home after that.


This silly ritual is now in its seventh year and the two friends reveal how their friendship has blossomed due to it. The whole exercise of clapping their hands, snapping their fingers and a high-five is their way of saying hi to each other.

Nowadays people keep in touch over the phone or emails but these two friends wish everybody could feel the warmth of meeting each other and giving each other a high five the way they do.

Andy and Gabe are both musicians in Nashville and met each other at a concert in 2000 and have kept in touch ever since. They invented this ritual as a way of saying hi to each other as a sure way of meeting each other at least once a week.

Andy has a log journal where he has recorded every high-five the two friends have exchanged including the one that could have been the last- high-five number 312. Gabe was hospitalized with a severe form of encephalitis that caused him to forget his entire past. Until one day when Andy visited him and asked him for a high-five and he’s been doing it ever since.

Andy wrote a song about it and the two friends have been meeting consistently every week and continuing their silly ritual every time they meet. What a blessing to have friends like these that proves that going out of your way and doing something for a friend can never go out of fashion.

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