Quick-Thinking 5-Year-Old Boy Saves Entire Family from Devastating House Fire

In the quiet of an early morning, a young child’s alertness and love for his family averted a potential tragedy.

Juwan Perry Jr., a 5-year-old from Michigan, woke up to the smell of smoke last Friday and immediately knew he had to act. He cried out for his mother, Britteny Lee, who was able to spring into action because of his warning. “If it wasn’t for Juwan, we probably all would be dead…He is my hero. Always.” Lee stated.

little boy saves family from fire

The situation escalated quickly as flames engulfed their home. Despite the peril, Lee managed to gather her seven children, ensuring everyone’s escape. The family’s residence was completely destroyed, but Lee remains grateful for their safety. “Thank God that we all made it out safely and nobody got hurt,” Lee said.

The Warren Fire Department responded promptly to control the fire, which appears to have started from a space heater. Although the investigation continues, the focus remains on the family’s miraculous escape, thanks to Juwan’s bravery and quick thinking.

boy saves family from housefire

Juwan’s motivation was simple yet profound. “Because I love everybody,” he told reporters, showcasing his pure heart and courage beyond his years. His actions have not only saved his family but have also inspired the community and all who hear his story.

The family is currently adjusting to their new temporary home in a hotel, supported by the American Red Cross. As they face the challenge of rebuilding their lives, a GoFundMe page has been established to aid their recovery. Lee expressed her hope in the midst of this trial: “All I’m asking is for just a little help. It will go a long way.”

Let us join in prayer for the Perry family. This story inspires us and shows that God always protects His children. It’s through God’s mercy that we are still alive today. Many times, we could have faced grave danger, but His grace shielded us from evil. In this story, God used a 5-year-old child to save an entire family from a deadly fire.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.Psalm 91:11

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