10-Year-Old California Girl Scares Away Potential Robber From Her Family’s Property

Ring doorbell camera footage caught a 10-year-old girl scaring away a potential robber from her family home in Bakersfield, CA.


Lola Letourneu was seen sitting in the passenger seat of her parent’s car when her mother left her for a few minutes, and she noticed the man cooly walking into her family’s garage.

She had just started the engine to turn on the air conditioning when she saw the man. “I thought he might have been someone selling something or someone coming to pick something up,” she shares. “And then when he walked into my garage with no one in there, I just kind of felt like he’s not supposed to really be here.”

Lola started screaming at the man at the top of her voice and scared off the suspected intruder. “Hey! Get out! Get out of here!” she yells out of the car from the passenger seat. Her yells scared the man off and he ran down the street and away from the house.

This 10-year-old’s bravery and boldness is warming hearts all over the country and shows us that size doesn’t really matter at all, what matters is having guts and courage.

“She has a lot of confidence, and I feel like that’s what played a big role in that situation,” Lola’s dad explains. “It opens your eyes and shows everybody else exactly what could really happen in the blink of an eye.”

Lola’s parents are proud of their hero daughter and the love that she is receiving from thousands of people on social media whoa re praising and calling her a ‘hero’ for saving her family home from burglary.

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