Man Adopts 16-Year-Old Senior Dog To Care For Him Before He Dies

A senior dog with many limitations and ailments is usually the last to be adopted in a shelter. But thanks to this compassionate man who adopted a 16-year-old sick, senior dog to care for him before he dies.


Henry is a medium-sized senior dog who lived in a shelter. Zach Skow adopted him so that he would be well taken care of before he dies. Also, he wanted Henry to have company on his last days.

When Zach adopted this dog, he had trouble seeing with his one eye, had a hearing disability, and did not want to walk. “You could just tell he was really confused,” Zach said. But this loving fur parent continued to take care of him and nursed him back to health. He fed him, played with him, talked to him, among others. He just wanted this canine to “get him home and get him loved.”

Not long after that, Henry was playing with him, running on his vast yard, and galloping as if he was not in his senior years. Zach said, “My boy! My boy is very excited to see me. He’s doing very, very great.” Henry follows him around and even cuddles with him. It only shows how much this senior doggo loves his fur parent.

Guess Henry will still have many years ahead. Thanks to Zach who “chose to adopt and not to shop.” Many dogs are waiting to be cared for and be nursed back to health by loving fur parents. Let’s check out shelters first before we opt to buy fur babies, and you’ll never know what hope and strength it can give a lonely pup.


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