Neighbors Adopt Elderly Woman After She Lost Husband And Home The Same Day

An elderly woman who lost her husband and home the same day and had no other family was taken in by her caring neighbors.


In January of 2021, Gean LeVar’s husband of 58 years passed away in their home in Glendale, Arizona. The police found them in terrible living conditions and were forced to condemn the house, which made her homeless.

Her neighbor Carmen Silva whom she barely knew when she came to know that Gean had no family to turn to, stepped up and assured her it would all be ok. “I told her, ‘Don’t worry, Gean, we’re going to fix it,'” Silva said.

When Silva was asked in a CBS interview about taking her neighbor duties to the extreme, she said she did not see it that way. “I’ve always taught my kids to take care of their elders,” Silva said.

The Silva’s have a big heart even though their house isn’t big, the family of eight live in a small three-bedroom house, but still, they made room for Gene. The boys sacrificed their bed to sleep on the couch, making room for their new adopted grandmother.

Silva said, “She looks very happy, and I believe it’s because she has a whole family now,” she said. For Gene, her new family “means everything.”

The nonprofit group Operation Enduring Gratitude that helps Arizona veterans and their families have come to her rescue since her husband was a Navy veteran.

Their volunteers worked full speed to renovate Gene’s old house and make it livable again. “We’re all joining together to do one thing, and that’s to make somebody’s life whole,” one of the volunteers said. Now Gene plans to pay it forward by sharing it with the Silvas who are her family now.

May we learn to share the good times and the bad times with our neighbors because that’s what Jesus told us to do. If we love God then we must love our neighbors as ourselves.


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