Off-Duty Firefighter Credits God After Saving Deputy Trapped in Crashed Car

Firefighter Lt. Benjamin Woodson of the Orlando Fire Department had one of the most significant moments of his life last Saturday. The off-duty firefighter was running late to his son’s soccer practice when on his way, he witnessed a life-threatening incident.


Matthew Luxon, a sheriff’s deputy, had crashed his patrol car into a concrete pillar after suffering a medical emergency and his car was engulfed in flames.  The firefighter quickly pulled up to the scene and wasting no time further, he jumped into action and pulled out Luxon to safety from the burning vehicle.

The sheriff’s department made a tweet saying, “Saturday morning, SCSO Deputy Matthew Luxon suffered a medical emergency believed to have caused him to crash into concrete pillar at Orange Blvd. and Wayside Dr. in Sanford. Off duty @OrlandoFireDept Lt. Benjamin Woodson rescued him just before the vehicle caught fire.”

Woodson said that he immediately made a U-turn after seeing the Sheriff’s cruiser slammed into a pillar from his rearview mirror. “I immediately pulled a U-turn at the next intersection and rushed back. By the time I got on scene, there was a little bit of flames on the underneath of the vehicle, the engine compartment was already on fire.”

According to the statements made by the Sheriff’s office, Deputy Matt had successfully undergone surgeries but had a long way to go until he completely recovers his health.

Woodson’s heroic actions did not go unnoticed and was praised by the Sheriff. “I thank God that he was there at that time,” said Sheriff Dennis Lemma of Seminole County Sheriff. “I also spoke with Orlando Fire Department Lt. Benjamin Wootson, who heroically rescued Matt from his patrol unit moments after his crash and just before the unit caught fire. Lt. Wootson, who was off duty and also very kind when we spoke, simply reminded me that ‘this is what we do,” Lemma added.

But Wootson sees the situation as more than just a coincidence and believes it was divine intervention. “God put me in a place where [my son and I] were running late on purpose. I was in the right place at the right time to save an individual,” Wootson said.


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