After Working A 12-Hour Shift, Cops Spend Hours Helping Waffle House Get Up And Running

A Tennessee Waffle House got help from six “exhausted” police officers after many of their employees walked out mid-shift.

officers help Waffle House staff

Sergeant Johnathan Bright said the officers visit the Dandridge restaurant every week after a long 12-hour shift..

The popular breakfast place wasn’t open for the first time they arrived and they were told by a waitress that several employees had walked out mid-shift early Sunday morning.

There were piles of dirty dishes, overflowing trash, and a short staff. “There wasn’t a single clean dish insight,” said Bright.

They were moved to help the Waffle House get cleaned up and said, “There was one elderly woman in there. I had never seen (her), but she has really bad arthritis in her hands. Looking at her, it hurt her to work a broom. So, I was like we need to help them.’

The officers worked for two hours and cleaned, took orders and got the restaurant back up and running after a 12-hour shift at work.

“It’s stressful for us in the jail because once these people are arrested and brought in they’re mad. They’re upset and we have to talk them down once they get there,” Corporal Kayla Gabbard said.